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Try Hisarönü for shopping, bars, and restaurants

Only 10 minutes walk down the hill, and maybe 20 minutes the other way, from the hotel is the lively tourist resort of Hisarönü. There is nothing to see here in terms of landmarks or cultural icons, but nevertheless, Hisarönü is really good fun and well worth a number of visits.

In many ways the town exists only as a service to mostly UK tourism, and although things never get crazy busy, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightspots to cater for every taste and budget. Mostly the really good restaurants are undoubtedly in Fethiye, but here in Hisarönü you will still find quite a few that are well worth a visit. Everywhere you look you will see your favourites; pizza and mainstream Italian, Indian curries and Mexican burners, Chinese, English style burger and chips, and a number of traditional Turkish restaurants serving extremely appetising dishes. In the mornings virtually everywhere offers the traditional English Breakfast fry up at a good price, and all Cafes and Restaurants serve a bewildering selection of teas, coffees, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks from early until late.

There is lots of price competition between the bars and restaurants, but like most things and with only one or two exceptions, when it comes to eating out you generally get what you pay for!!
Shopping in Hisarönü is always interesting, if not particularly tasteful, with a multitude of passable quality, but fake, designer label stores, spice shops, Turkish delight stores, and souvenir outlets. Be prepared to haggle over the price – it is expected – and don’t be afraid to play one shop off against others to drive things down even further. There are also a good number of reputable Jewellery shops selling good quality products at extremely competitive prices.

There are plenty of ATM booths in Hisarönü that seem reliable and have instructions in English, and lots of other places to exchange money; always make sure you shop around to obtain the best rates of exchange.

With its hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants and nightspots Hisarönü always hits the mark for fun and entertainment.

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